Mod Sun

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Mod Sun

Marty Grimes, SwagHollywood, New Hippys, DJ Kam Bennet, Benny Freestyles, Kurt Rockmore

Saturday, April 29, 2017

6:30 pm

The Complex

$18 ADV / $20 DOS

Mod Sun
Mod Sun
It can be far too easy to get caught in negativity in today's world. We're surrounded by it in the news, the media and even entertainment. And that's what makes Mod Sun's music and message all the more refreshing.

"It's about empowerment. It's about saying it's okay to sit by yourself on a Friday night and make music. You'll never be lonely if you love the person you're alone with," says the rapper, whose name stands for "Movement On Dreams Stand Under None."

A Minnesota native, Mod grew up in a household that played everything from Bob Dylan to Prince, and that eclectic foundation has informed his musical journey. He started playing drums at age 13, and by 16, he began touring with a few bands, including the successful rock group Four Letter Lie.

But his heart told him to go after something else.

"I was in a state of comfort, touring and in a band, and I decided I wanted to totally change it up and do something I believed in," the 27-year-old remembers.

So he gave up that steady gig to pick up the mic. Mod wrote his first song at age 19, and hasn't looked back since. Over the last eight years, he has released six mixtapes and three EPs. He has collaborated with artists including Schoolboy Q, Nipsey Hussle and G-Eazy, and earned a spot as one of sixteen independent artists from around the world competing for the cover of Rolling Stone in 2011.

After his most recent release, 2012's Happy As Fuck, he again proved his artistic versatility, by momentarily shifting his writing focus in a new direction: His book, Did I Ever Wake Up?

"It's all about the fact of making your life a dream," he says of the inspirational work. "I was a stubborn kid. You can never learn if you're always right. It took all these things for me to become what I want to be."

Now, the focus is again squarely on the music. He's built plenty of momentum over the last year, thanks to videos for tracks like "My Hippy, "Free Love" and "Mushrooms." And now, Mod is getting ready to deliver his Friend Base — because he has no fans, only friends — his debut album, which is due at the top of 2015, through Rostrum Records.

The music has grown, but the underlying message remains.
"No matter the amount of negativity you're presented with, 5 minutes from now could be your best moment."
Marty Grimes
Marty Grimes
Marty Grimes was born and raised in Berkeley, California, resulting in his music being heavily influenced by Bay Area sound and style. Beginning his music career in high school, Marty Grimes rapped under different aliases until settling on Marty--a childhood nickname given to him by his father. In order to pursue his music on a higher level, Marty Grimes attended Ex'pression College for Digital Arts and graduated in June 2012 with a BA in Applied Science for Sound Arts. After graduating from Ex'pression College, Marty had the opportunity to go on three nationwide tours with rapper and childhood friend G-Eazy; giving him more experience and continued motivation to create a professional quality sound of his own that his listeners could relate to. After returning from the tours, Marty is continuing to pursue his rapping career alongside producer Kevin "KDE" Beggs, a colleague who graduated the same year as Marty. Now as 2014 is beginning, Marty is ready to release his most recent work which will showcase his dedication and truly represent him as an unique artist.
Benny Freestyles
Benny Freestyles is a world traveling, surfer, snowboarder, spiritually conscious individual, who was put on this earth to inspire through music. Born and raised in Rhode Island, he grew up living the beach life. Taking trips between the seasons with his older sister Emily, Benny has traveled all over the world to such places as New Zealand, Nepal and Costa Rica just to name a few.

Through his passion for music Benny expresses what he learned and experienced from his time spent traveling. Benny has been experimenting with music for over 10 years and has been perfecting his art at a professional level for the past 3 years. Performing sold out shows at his local beach bar The Ocean Mist, and building a strong and enthusiastic following. Benny is just one piece of the whole, which is known as The League AOE (An Original Endeavor). The League is a team of creative individuals who work to generate all of Benny's content. From music videos to vocal recording & engineering, everything is created in-house and is all original, a style mirroring the vibes in this East Coast beach boys music.
Kurt Rockmore
No Gimmicks, just music.

Kurt Rockmore was born and raised in the not so sub, suburbs of long island NY. Kurt has toured the country with multiple major acts, such as G-Eazy, Platinum Canadian band Down With Webster, Mike Stud, and many many more artists. With a sound that is similar to B.O.B, with delivery and lyricism comparable to J. Cole, Kurt performs hip hop with a live band, and is often known as the Life of the party by fans.

Kurt,s music is a culmination of multiple inspirations, and his own experiences. Kurt makes music he likes, with no attempts in blending in with whats popular right now. His only goal is to make relate-able music with play back ability, based on his real life, and to put on the best show in every city he goes to....
Venue Information:
The Complex
536 West 100 South
Salt Lake City, UT, 84101