Anna McClellan

S&S Presents

Anna McClellan

STAFFERS, Opaline, Krooked Kings

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm (event ends at 10:00 pm)

Kilby Court


Anna McClellan
Anna McClellan
The road to Anna McClellan’s Yes and No was not just a metaphorical one. Born
out of a long solo road trip McClellan took in 2015, the songs map her emotions
of the two year period in which they were written like a highway is laid out before
its driver. With decent savings, she set off due west, keyboard laid across the
backseat, with little plan other than a call ahead to some friends and the idea that
playing shows along the way would be cool. Though the trip lasted only four
months, McClellan continued bouncing around from New York to Omaha and
back, until finally settling in NYC in January of 2017.
It is fitting that these songs
were conceived in a period of restlessness.

McClellan’s singular voice mixes earnest intensity with nonchalant melancholy
that puts the listener in a distant place, far away from other humans, as most of
the subject matter deals with loneliness and internal emotional navigation. Often
though, the songs stray outward and upward, pondering the confused nature of
people, elaborating on the one thing we all cling to: the knowledge that no one is
excluded from feeling weird sometimes.
Krooked Kings
Krooked Kings
Venue Information:
Kilby Court
741 Kilby Court
Salt Lake City, UT, 84101